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Sydney Archdiocese announces Church funding for adult stem cell research

The Archdiocese of Sydney yesterday announced a $50,000 grant made by Archbishop Pell to support adult stem cell research has been awarded to a research team at Griffith University, led by Professor Alan Mackay-Sim.

Professor Mackay-Sim's team is conducting research into the development of therapies to utilise stem cells extracted from patients' nasal lining to replace those lost to disease.

The Selection Committee concluded that this project is of first-class scientific merit, markedly original, and has good long-term therapeutic possibilities.

Archbishop Pell said he was delighted that the grant will be used to support adult stem cell research in an under-recognised area.

"This is an Australian project of genuine excellence, Australian science at its best, and I warmly congratulate Professor Mackay-Sim and his colleagues on winning this grant," Dr Pell said.

Professor Mackay-Sim said that this grant will fund research into the use of olfactory stem cells in treating Parkinson's disease.

The selection Committee consisting of Dr. Bernadette Tobin of the Plunkett Centre for Ethics in Health Care (Chair), Dr. Peter McCullagh, Honorary Research Associate, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, and Associate Professor Colin Thomson, Consultant in Health Ethics, National Health and Medical Research Council, considered four applications for the grant and was unanimous in recommending it be awarded to the Griffith University project.


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26 Mar 2003