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Caritas Australia launches Iraq Appeal

Caritas Australia yesterday launched its Humanitarian Crisis - Iraq Appeal as its major contribution to the Caritas network's provision of first aid to wounded civilians and assistance to displaced people in Iraq and in neighbouring countries.

"Recent bombing in Baghdad has led many Iraqi civilians, mostly women and children, to leave their homes and gather in schools," said spokesman Jamie Isbister. "As a result Caritas Iraq has extended its services beyond the medical centres and is distributing first aid kits and medicine to the displaced families in the schools."

As a result of the heavy bombardment of the Mosul area, people are leaving the surrounding villages of Alkosh, Tilkafe, Batnaya and Telliskuf. Approximately 200 displaced families, the average family size is 6, are moving to Karakosh city, which is about 45 kilometers east of Mosul.

Caritas Iraq is supplying 200 mattresses, blankets and food rations consisting of high protein biscuits, cooking oil, lentils and spaghetti to the displaced families.

"The Caritas network is working under the assumption of attending to the needs of a population estimated to be between 200,000 and 500,000 of displaced persons, both within Iraq as well as in neighboring countries," Mr Isbister said.

Donations may be made by calling the Caritas Australia hotline on 1800 024 413, by visiting their website, or by post to: Caritas Australia, 19 MacKenzie Street, North Sydney, 2060.

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26 Mar 2003