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Pope tells military chaplains of his anguish at War suffering

Pope tells military chaplains of his anguish at War suffering

The current war on Iraq is of a type that has been rejected by the conscience of humanity, Pope John Paul II said yesterday, expressing "deep concern and great anguish" at the suffering caused by the conflict.

In a message to Catholic military chaplains gathered at the Vatican, he said: "The use of war as a way to settle conflicts between nations was rejected by the conscience of a large part of humanity, long before the United Nations Charter."

"Thoughts for the victims, the destruction and the suffering caused by conflicts always inspire great concern and anguish," the Pope added.

Making it clear that his remarks concerned the present conflict, the Pope also said that the only form of military action that could be considered legitimate was in defence against an aggression.

The Pope also told the chaplains, who were in the Vatican for a training course, that "when weapons go into action, the need for rules which can make the conduct of warfare less inhuman becomes imperative."


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26 Mar 2003