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Milan cardinal cautions against postmodern subjectivity

Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi has warned Catholics about the risk of living faith in a purely subjective dimension, which might sever it from the Gospel.

The archbishop of Milan expressed this conviction at a congress on Postmodern Religion organised by the School of Theology of Northern Italy.

The congress focused on the psychological, cultural and religious aspects of religion and New Age from a Christian perspective.

"It seemed opportune to us to propose a meeting, specifically in this city, which would question consciences, the sense of the sacred and of religion, and how it is perceived by an individualist mentality," explained Monsignor Giuseppe Angelini, president of the school.

The meeting highlighted what "religion a la carte" means: a postmodern form of faith, composed by individuals, completely subjective and far from Christian teaching.

Cardinal Tettamanzi said such a faith affects the sense of the sacred and of faith, oriented, as it is, strictly to the subjective dimension and completely detached from the Gospel. Moreover, he stressed the value and essential character of a religiosity that speaks directly to the person and his or her conscience, rather than to a "worship of self".


FacoltÓ Teologica dell'Italia Settentrionale | La Religione Postmoderna
Archdiocese of Milan | Archbishop

4 Mar 2003