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Jesuit human rights advocate says war 'not in our national interest'

Lawyer Fr Frank Brennan has said the Australian Government transported Iraqi asylum seekers to remote detention centres in Australia, and now it's party to the bombing of the relatives in Baghdad, "all in the name of Australia's national interest".

"Men in grey suits in chauffeur driven limousines in Canberra have judged that some women and children are disposable, as they seek to shape a better world," he said

He argued that Australia is party to a "rash new theory" that "war is no longer the last resort" and "the UN is no longer the arbiter of justified force in the absence of direct aggression on a member state".

Fr Brennan is associate director of Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre in Sydney.

"We need to discern new paths to peace honouring the ancient humane principle that the child on the Baghdad school bus and the woman in the Nauru detention centre be accorded the same dignity and place in the balance of events as the child on the Rose Bay School Bus and the woman in the Toorak shopping centre.

"There can be no peace while the innocent, powerless Other is sacrificed for the sake of those privileged to be nationals or loved ones of the powerful."


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24 Mar 2003