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Catholic Health says palliative care missing from Govt Aged Care Review

Catholic Health Australia yesterday called on the Federal Government to do more for aged care services struggling to care for the dying and people with dementia.

Speaking after the release of the Government's response to the final report of the Resident Classification Scale (RCS) Review, CHA CEO Francis Sullivan said the Government "must move with a sense of urgency to change the structure of funding to better meet the needs of palliative care residents and for people with dementia".

"Residential aged care is increasingly catering for people in the end stages of their lives and for residents suffering from dementia," he said. "The latest figures show that over 60% of residents in high care places are suffering from dementia. Yet the funding system does not specifically address their care needs and costs."

"Similarly with palliative care. Aged Care homes dedicated to the dignity of their residents are placed under significant strain to properly care for the dying. Again the Government's funding scales do not specifically address their needs or their costs.

Catholic Health Australia represents the country's largest single ownership grouping of non government health care services.

Catholic Health Australia

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4 Mar 2003