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Aboriginal centre sets up makeshift mosque for Afghani refugees

Adelaide's Otherway Centre for Aborigines and Afghanis has temporarily transformed a hall into a mosque to help Afghani refugees and asylum seekers during a special time of prayer and mourning.

Up to 200 Afghani Shi'ite Muslims are gathering each night at the centre's makeshift mosque to remember the death of one of their early leaders, Imam Ali Hussain.

Catholic Chaplain to the Aboriginal Ministry Fr Tony Pearson says the Afghanis have adopted the Otherway Centre as a gathering place and all at the centre are happy to help the Afghani community.

"There is no Shi'ite mosque in Adelaide so we emptied the hall and put carpet on the floor because basically they need an empty room and the women have their own section as they pray separately from the men," he said.

Fr Pearson said the centre now employed an Afghani refugee to help other refugees, with the help of a State government grant.

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Otherway Aboriginal Catholic Ministry
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19 Mar 2003