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Cardinal Etchegaray briefs Pope, Kofi Anan is next

Cardinal Roger Etchegaray has briefed Pope John Paul II on his mission to Baghdad, and UN secretary general Kofi Anan arrived in Rome for a meeting with the Holy Father, as the Holy See continued its energetic diplomatic efforts to avoid war in the Persian Gulf.

After spending most of a week in Iraq, and meeting with Saddam Hussein, Cardinal Etchegaray held a morning meeting with the Pope, to report on the results of his efforts.

The French-born cardinal, who had travelled to Iraq as a special envoy from the Holy Father, had carried a personal message for Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile last Friday, the Pope had received Iraqi deputy prime minister Tarek Aziz, who reportedly delivered a personal message from Saddam. The contents of those messages have not been disclosed.

In an interview with the Italian daily Avvenire, Cardinal Etchegaray told reporters that it would be a mistake to think of the Vatican position as embracing pacifism. "It would be better to say that the Holy See is always a peacemaker," he said.

Kofi Anan, who was scheduled to meet with the Pope on Tuesday evening (Rome time), is reportedly considering his own personal mission to Baghdad - much like the one undertaken by his predecessor, Javier Perez de Cuellar, in January 1991, and the mission Anan attempted more successfully in 1998.

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19 Feb 2003