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NSW opposition leader refuses to put faith in IVF

John and Lucy Brogden's "devout" Catholicism is being credited with their decision to adopt a baby, rather than follow the many thousands of Australians who conceive through IVF.

Mr Brogden, a committed Catholic who has worn a scapula around his neck since he was a teenager, revealed at the weekend that he and his wife Lucy have decided to adopt a child after struggling for years to start their own family.

Mr Brogden, 33, and Mrs Brogden, 34, have already spent more than a year on the adoption process and mailed their application on December 31 last year.

As with his maiden parliamentary speech, where he revealed personal details of a troubled upbringing with the drunken former partner of his mother, the Opposition Leader has this time gone public because he and his wife are asked so often whether they plan to start a family.

The Brogdens have discussed with friends, both inside and outside politics, their distress at being unable to start a family. Confidants believe it is their shared commitment to Catholicism which has seen them ignore the IVF path to parenthood.

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17 Feb 2003