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Little Pebble disciple cleared of sex assault charges

The "right-hand man" of NSW South Coast-based sect leader William "Little Pebble" Kamm (pictured) has been cleared of charges of indecently assaulting a girl, but he has confessed to improper actions involving her sister.

The Illawarra Mercury reports that James Duffy, 73, sent a letter of apology to the mother of the two girls.

Nowra magistrate Doug Dick threw out the charges because the evidence was too flimsy. The alleged events happened many years ago and ultimately it was her word against his, Mr Dick found.

The magistrate was not able to take into consideration a hand-written letter from Mr Duffy in which he apologised for causing the alleged victim's family "stress and suffering".

The prosecution failed to have the letter accepted into evidence because it did not name the alleged victim. Rather, it named her sister and another family member.

In the letter, which has been subjected by police to handwriting analysis, Mr Duffy said: "I am writing to express my deep concern and sorrow for the actions and advice I have given you and your family in the recent past, that has caused you and your family stress and suffering.

Mr Duffy, in the 1994 letter, said the Virgin Mary had revealed, through Little Pebble, that the "evil one" had planned to destroy him and others associated with him including Little Pebble.

Mr Duffy's letter was sent under a covering letter from Fr Malcolm Broussard, an American-born priest whose status is not recognised by the Catholic Church in Australia.

Little Pebble had dealt decisively with the matter, the Broussard letter said, relieving Mr Duffy "of certain responsibilities and requiring exact adherence to certain limitations placed upon him for a term of probation".

Illawarra Mercury


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13 Feb 2003