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Catholic social justice, welfare groups issue NSW election kit

A coalition of Catholic social justice, welfare and education groups, NetAct, has launched a kit to give voters information on eight key social issues for the New South Wales state election on 22 March.

Called A Just Vote - Not Just a Vote it is based on the Church's teachings on social justice.

It covers issues relating to asylum seekers and refugees, education, environmental sustainability, health care, housing, indigenous people in NSW, law and order and rural Australia.

The kit presents the principle concerned and the issues being dealt with and suggests options for policy-makers to consider.

It outlines Catholic teaching on social justice, offers guidelines for interviewing members of parliament and candidates for election, includes a full address list for NSW MPs, highlights some key principles relevant to a just society and deals with some current social issues.

The producers of the kit claim it "cuts through the rhetoric of the political candidates and shows where the parties should be on these important issues".

NetAct hopes the kit will be distributed widely and used by many in the community to alert politicians to the concerns of Australians who believe in a 'fair go' for all.

Copies of the kit are available for $5.50 (including postage) from NetAct, 90 Underwood Rd, Homebush, 2140. (Make cheques out to NetAct.)

Catholic Weekly

The Coming NSW Election: "A Just Vote, Not Just a Vote" (media release)

12 Feb 2003