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Catholics work to keep US soldiers supplied with rosaries

From Maryland to Tennessee, in schools and in homes, Catholics are working to keep US soldiers supplied with rosaries.

In Annapolis, Maryland, the parachute cord used by US soldiers - designed to hold up to 250 kg of weight - is also supporting the prayers and special intentions of hundreds of servicemen. Students of St Mary's High School have been using strands of olive-green parachute cord and black plastic beads to craft hundreds of "ranger rosaries" since January.

The rosaries will be blessed by the Redemptorist priests of the parish and donated to members of the Maryland Army National Guard and the 82nd Airborne Division who are preparing for possible deployment to the Persian Gulf and elsewhere.

Identical to the ranger rosaries St. Mary's parishioners made a few years ago and donated to US soldiers in Bosnia, the spiritual gifts are designed to show support for the men and women serving in the American armed forces.

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12 Feb 2003