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Pope tells world: Don't resign yourself to war

Pope John Paul, speaking ahead of a flurry of Vatican diplomatic efforts to avert conflict in Iraq, on Saturday urged the world not to resign itself to war.

"We have to multiply efforts," he said. "We can't stop when faced with either terror attacks or the threats that are on the horizon. We should never resign ourselves, almost as if war is inevitable."

The Holy Father made his an appeal in an address to members of Italy's Sant' Egidio peace group, which brokered a deal that ended the civil war in Mozambique 10 years ago.

His words also preceded what looks to be an intense period of efforts by the Holy See to avert a possible conflict.

The pope will meet Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz on Friday and a Vatican source said the Pope would meet UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan at the Vatican later this month, most likely on 18 February.

The pope told the peace group that the current moment was "marked by tensions and winds of war" and that humanity was being tempted by "hate and violence."

He called on all people to take up a path that leads to peace, dialogue and hope.

The pope held talks with German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer on Friday and made a joint appeal for peace.


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10 Feb 2003