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Zimbabwe Archbishop says Govt is meddling in Church

Bulawayo Archbishop Pius Ncube has accused the Zimbabwian government of planting its agents within the Church in order to divide it along political lines.

Archbishop Ncube refuted reports carried in the state-run media alleging that there had emerged a great rift within the Church as a result of his perceived political activities, the Zimbabwe Standard reports.

Ncube challenged the government to seek ways of halting the suffering of the people rather than dedicating its energy towards meddling in religious matters.

"There is no division within the Catholic Church and we remain focused on breaking the silence," he said. "They have planted state agents in the Church in an attempt to divide us, yet we as Church leaders meet every two months to discuss matters of the Church."

Churches have repeatedly been accused of being silent over government excesses.

Church leaders in Bulawayo have held a series of meetings in the past two weeks where they resolved to take a stand against the escalating levels of political repression and civil intimidation. The clergy called for a return to the rule of law and order.

Elsewhere in Zimbabwe, hundreds of Christians from different denominations have been conducting a series of prayers for the nation.

Independent Catholic News

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Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference


The Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference called on the South African government to intervene urgently in the crisis in Zimbabwe, in the same way it had played a part in resolving other conflicts in Africa.

SACBC spokesman Archbishop Buti Tlhagale said in a statement at the conclusion of their plenary meeting in Pretoria that it appeared Zimbabwe was on the brink of a civil war.

"There are deeply disturbing signs that Zimbabwe is on the brink of total breakdown into civil war, with massive food and fuel shortages, and increasing levels of organised state terror," Tlhagale said.

He accused the South African government of consistently snubbing calls on it to play a more active role in exposing political and human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

Sunday Times (South Africa)

Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference

7 Feb 2003