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John Paul II calls for 'examination of conscience' on music in liturgy

John Paul II called for an examination of conscience on the beauty and dignity with which Catholic communities should celebrate the liturgy, particularly in regard to music.

"It is necessary to constantly discover and live the beauty of prayer and of the liturgy. One must pray to God not only with theologically precise formulas, but also in a beautiful and dignified way," the Pope said during Wednesday's general audience.

"The Christian community must make an examination of conscience so that the beauty of music and song will return increasingly to the liturgy," he added.

The Pope made his request when commenting before 10,000 pilgrims on Psalm 150, a poetic invitation to praise God as the People of Israel did, with musical instruments and dance.

"The liturgy unites the two sanctuaries, the earthly temple and the infinite heavens, God and man, time and eternity," he explained.

"During prayer, we begin a kind of ascent toward the divine light and at the same time we experience a descent of God who adapts himself to our limitation to hear us and to speak to us, to meet us and save us," the Pope continued.


Text: Meditation on Psalm 150
Pope John Paul II, music and song worthy of the mass (AGI)

28 Feb 2003