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Vatican acts to simplify removal of abusive priests

An official of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said on Wednesday that Pope John Paul II has given the Congregation the power in some "very clear, grave cases" to laicize priests who have sexually abused minors without going through an ecclesiastical trial.

Before this, only the pope himself had that power.

The official said the pope has also empowered the congregation to make case-by-case exceptions to church rules requiring only priests with doctorates in canon law to serve as judges in criminal trials of priests accused of abusing minors.

That would mean that deacons, religious or lay people trained in church law could also serve as judges, and some judges may not yet have earned a church law doctorate.

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A priest in a NSW prison had his sentence for sexually abusing young boys reduced by two years yesterday.

Fr Vincent Ryan pleaded guilty in May, 1996, to 11 charges of sexually assaulting boys in the Newcastle area and was sentenced to six years' jail.

Further victims later came forward and Ryan, 64, pleaded guilty to another 39 offences and was sentenced to an additional 16 years, making his total sentence 22 years.

The NSW Criminal Court of Appeal yesterday reduced Ryan's sentence to 20 years because of Ryan's good character.

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28 Feb 2003