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Anti-GM Zambia Jesuits accused of fostering famine

A group of First World scientists has said the Jesuits in Zambia are insensitive to hunger in their defence of domestic economic interests.

Jesuits from the Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC) and the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) argue that accepting genetically modified maize for relief purposes does not merely risk consumer health, but also risks a negative impact on Zambian agriculture.

A document challenging their position has been delivered to James Nicholson, US Ambassador to the Holy See, and to Andrew Natsios, head of the US Agency for International Development. A copy was forwarded to Jesuit Superior General Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenbach for his intervention.

According to a study conducted by agro-scientist Bernadette Lubozhya, GM crops are likely to bring many long-term problems such as lower yields and increased dependency on multinational corporations. On the advice of many Zambians, including KATC, the Government turned down a US offer of GM maize distributed by the World Food Program (WFP).

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26 Feb 2003