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Bishop says war debate should be informed

The chairman of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council has encouraged Catholics to inform themselves before engaging in the "intensifying" debate on war and peace.

Bishop William Morris was commending the Council's newly-released Discussion Guide, which is intended as a basic resource for local communities, justice groups and individuals who are seeking further information on the Church's pronouncements on war and peace.

The Guide points out that the Church's teachings on war and peace "have changed greatly over time" and "will continue to do so".

It says "questions have been raised about the adequacy of the 'just war' theory in responding to emerging forms of aggression which include ethnic cleansing and global terrorism."

Bishop Morris encouraged Catholics to use the Guide in conjunction with their response to the Holy Father's call to Catholics to reflect and pray for peace next Wednesday (Ash Wednesday).

The Discussion Guide is available for download free at the Council's website, in HTML and PDF formats.

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

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26 Feb 2003