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Pope warns against genetic manipulation of human life

Warning of genetic manipulation that violates the dignity of human beings, John Paul II has insisted that individuals "cannot trade with life".

"There are situations in which the human person becomes an instrument for economic, political and scientific interests, especially when he is weak and does not have the strength to defend himself," the Pope told pilgrims in St Peter's Square on Sunday.

"A certain commercial logic, allied to modern technology, can at times take advantage of human desires that are good in themselves, such as that of becoming a mother or father, to the point of wanting a child at any cost," he observed.

"In reality human life can never become an object: from conception until natural death, the human being is the subject of inviolable rights, before which freedom must be restricted," he said. "Therefore, in these complex matters, it is indispensable that states adopt organic and clear laws, founded on solid ethical bases, to safeguard the inestimable good of human life."


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4 Feb 2003