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PM quotes Pell wisdom to justify war

Prime Minister John Howard yesterday used Sydney Archbishop George Pell's support of the Just War theory to bolster his case for Australian participation in the proposed US-led war in Iraq.

Speaking on commercial radio in Adelaide, he said: "I've heard some very eminent Christian theologians argue [circumstances in which the Just War theory might apply], and I'm thinking particularly of the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. I'm not saying he's agreeing with me on this but he asserts the existence of the just war theory."

Leaving open the question of whether the Just War theory specifically legitimates military action in Iraq, he introduced a moral dimesion to his case for war, asserting that "there's a lot of evil going on in Iraq at the moment".

Earlier this month, Archbishop Pell argued in The Australian that there are circumstances in which war can be morally justified, but "the public evidence is as yet insufficient to justify going to war, especially without the backing of the UN Security Council".

In January, Archbishop Renato Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said Church teaching on the justice of warfare is evolving, implying that a Just War is becoming more improbable.

But in February the US Government sponsored a visit to the Vatican of respected US theologian Michael Novak who argues that the US-led war in Iraq is morally justifiable.

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21 Feb 2003