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Korean Christians unite to help bring together North and South

Christian denominations and the Catholic Church in Korea have undertaken an official commitment to work together for reconciliation between the South and the North.

This was decided recently by the National Council of Korean Churches, which includes seven denominations.

"For several years, representatives of the different Christian communities have met to promote common initiatives in the field of justice, peace, culture, human rights and theology," Bishop Boniface Choi Ki-san of Inchon told the Fides news service. "This activity has now been made official by the National Council of Churches in Korea."

Planned initiatives include prayer meetings, theology seminars and joint social work. Bishop Choi said that one "particular commitment for the Christian communities will be to work for national reunion. In the past, religious leaders have visited the North and they were warmly received. This path must be pursued."

Lutheran pastor Lee Hong Yeol said the "council intends to play a positive role in dialogue among Christians and to calm interreligious tension."


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17 Jan 2003