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French chefs bid to remove gluttony from sin list

A group of French chefs, writers and media stars will petition Pope John Paul II this month to remove gluttony from the list of the seven deadly sins, Le Journal du Dimanche paper has reported.

The plea will be presented by the daughter of the French master baker Lionel Poilane, who campaigned vigorously for the rehabilitation of gluttony in French "la gourmandise" before his death in a helicopter crash last year.

Members of the Association for the Gourmand Issue admit the question is essentially linguistic. While "gourmandise" once meant eating to excess, earning it a listing in the French version of the Church's seven deadly sins, today its associations are more of conviviality and good living.

Another word, "gloutonnerie", translates gluttony more accurately.

The seven deadly or capital sins were first formulated by Pope Gregory I at the end of the sixth century. They are pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth.

In an interview with Le Monde newspaper in 2001, Mr Poilane said he hoped to go to the Vatican himself at the head of a delegation of renowned chefs and food producers to ask for the sin to be re-classified.


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14 Jan 2003