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Jewish population in Jerusalem is dropping

The Jerusalem Post was reporting Jerusalem's Jewish population, as a percentage of the city's total, continued to decline in 2001, with Arabs making up one in three residents, statistics released on Monday by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies showed. Some 455,000 of the cities 670,000 residents, 68 percent, were Jewish, while 32% were Arab. In 1967, when the city was reunited, Arabs made up only a quarter of the population.

In 2000, there were 645,000 residents, of whom 445,000 (69%) were Jews and 200,000 (31%) Arabs. In another sign that the Arab population is expected to increase further, some 40% of children under the age of four were Arab. By comparison, when the city was reunited in 1967, Arabs made up a quarter of Jerusalem's population. The Arab growth rate in the city during the past three and half decades was 214%, compared to a 130% Jewish growth rate.

Jerusalem Post

9 Jan 2003