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Cyclone: Caritas was on the ball

Jack de Groot is National Director of Caritas Australia and hasn't been asleep over the Christmas-New Year period. In our report yesterday on the Cyclone that hit the Solomon Island's we suggested that the Church was asleep as we'd not been able to find reports from a Church perspective. The reality is that we had been asleep. Mr de Groot put out a media release on 2nd January explaining what Caritas Australia was doing. He told CathNews yesterday in a further update, "we work closely with the Bishops of the Solomons especially Archbishop Smith of Honiara, who was the source of the BBC comments mentioned in our earlier media release -- I attach his comments -- and the Caritas of the Solomons. This also allows us to work ecumenically with the other Churches. My understanding from the Archbishop is that Tikopia is predominantly an Island where most of the people are Anglican and the Archbishop has talked with both the Anglican Bishop and some Anglican nuns about their needs." If you can help with a donation contact Caritas on 1800 024 413.

The links below take you to the original media release from Caritas on 2nd January and to an essay written by Archbishop Adrian Smith for the BBC on Sunday, 5th January.

Archbishop of Honiara's essay for the BBC

8 Jan 2003