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Vatican considers peace mission to Baghdad

The Vatican is giving serious consideration to a plan that would send a delegation from the Holy See to Baghdad in a last-minute effort to avoid a military confrontation, according to Catholic World News.

During a January 30 public appearance, Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran (pictured), the Vatican's chief foreign-policy official, confirmed that the Holy See is thinking of "a concrete gesture" to further the cause of peace.

Although he did not specify what was planned, and stressed that the proposal was still under consideration, Archbishop Tauran said that the action could be taken "in the next few days".

Another possible "concrete gesture" would be a direct personal communication from Pope John Paul II to Saddam Hussein, or to US President George W. Bush.

The proposal for a Vatican delegation to Baghdad was advanced earlier this month. In April 1999, during the conflict in the Balkans, Archbishop Tauran himself led a delegation to Sarajevo.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Archbishop Tauran conceded that a military strike on Iraq would be "legal" if the UN authorised the use of force. "Nevertheless," he added, "we have to keep in mind that legality is one thing, and the moral and humanitarian consequences are another matter."

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31 Jan 2003