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Venezuelan seer says God 'holding back arms of terrorists'

Catholic mystic Maria Esperanza di Bianchini of Venezuela has said that God is protecting Americans from further acts of terrorism, but says the US must construct two churches at the site of the former World Trade Centre in New York.

"What God wants to be revealed in that place are twin churches," she told Spirit Daily. "Two churches that resemble the towers but are churches. That's what God really wants."

Experanza di Bianchini is associated with the Church-sanctioned apparition site of Betania near the Venezuelan capital Caracas.

She said: "If they built them, there would be many souls saved and the world would be saved - if they built two churches in that place."

Spirit Daily comments that current architects plans for the site involve "sterile structures that minimise God and maximise man".

Spirit Daily

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30 Jan 2003