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Caritas Australia sends relief aid to the Solomon Islands

Caritas Australia has sent $10,000 to assist the people of Anuta and Tikopia Islands who were affected by Cyclone Zoe.

Cyclone Zoe generated winds of up to 300km an hour as it swept through remote communities in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu at the beginning of 2003.

The remoteness of the islands meant that it took several days for government agencies to assess the damage caused by the cyclone.

Dubbed by one newspaper as "the miracle islanders", it emerged that the Tikopian and Anutans, who have become adept at protecting themselves from this type of weather over thousands of years, had enough time to find shelter from the cyclone. This meant that no lives were lost.

"Caritas Australia's assistance will be used for emergency and medical supplies. It will also be used to help to rebuild buildings that were damaged during the cyclone," said Jack de Groot, Caritas Australia National Director.

Caritas Australia

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30 Jan 2003