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Surprise finding that British teens 'love to go to church'

Two out of three young British teenagers who attend church say they enjoy the experience, according to a survey of 2200 children by the Christian Research group in the UK.

The startling figure which appears to discredit the common view that the young do not relate to a chore they find boring and irrelevant comes on a survey of 2200 children by the Christian Research group.

The study looked at 10 to 14-year-olds, a group now commonly referred to as 'tweenagers,' and was commissioned by worried church officials after an alarming 1998 church attendance survey showed that 1000 youngsters a week were leaving Christian churches in the 1990s.

And while it found that few non-churchgoing youngsters expected their counterparts to enjoy church, an unexpectedly high percentage of the kids who attended worship did so.

The main reasons cited were meeting old and new friends and the caring people they came across at church.

The survey, entitled Reaching & Keeping Tweenagers also made a number of other striking findings, including the fact that nine out of 10 tweenagers who have stopped going to church still attend a church-based youth activity, and church attenders tend to gain slightly higher grades than non-attenders.

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Christian Research (UK) | Tweenagers enjoy church! (media release)

29 Jan 2003