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Filipino nuns recommend measures to prevent abuse by priests

The Women and Gender Development Commission of Religious superiors in the Philippines has proposed measures for the Catholic bishops to implement so as to prevent clergy abuse in the country.

Based on initial results of the Commission's research on sexual abuse by priests, it recommended that parish and diocesan grievance committees be set up and that Church scholarships be channeled through parish programs.

The Commission also suggested that priests be prohibited from taking in young boys and girls to live in their presbyteries as scholars.

It urged Church leaders to pursue cases of abuse against nuns, and to clarify diocesan policies and guidelines on sexual abuse by priests.

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A former Catholic priest was convicted on Monday of molesting a 15-year-old altar boy then ordered to jail while he awaits sentencing in a pedophilia-and-coverup case that rocked Hong Kong's church.

Michael Lau said nothing in court and showed no emotion as a judge found him guilty on charges of attempted sodomy and gross indecency.

District Court Judge Maggie Poon ordered psychiatric and psychological testing for the 42-year-old Lau before she sentences him on 17 February for the crimes committed more than a decade ago.

The victim is now 27 and cannot be identified by name, but is said to have suffered from schizophrenia several years after the abuses. Defense lawyers had attacked his credibility on the basis of his mental illness, saying he probably dreamed up the abuses.

Lau, who has become an insurance agent, is the only person arrested thus far in the child sex scandal that hit Hong Kong's Roman Catholic Church last year and echoed a crisis that had engulfed the church in the United States and elsewhere.

The church dismissed Lau in 1995 after an internal investigation found that he twice molested the victim - an altar boy at the time.

The church never reported its findings to the police. But after more cases of alleged sexual abuse by priests who worked in Hong Kong emerged last year, church officials said they had adopted a zero-tolerance policy and would be more cooperative with the authorities.


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29 Jan 2003