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Crying statue dries its oily tears

A statue of the Virgin Mary which appeared to weep stopped shedding its oily residue about the same time as a scientific investigation into the phenomenon was completed.

The statue, which is housed at weekends at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Rockingham, stopped apparently weeping on 10 January.

Oil had flowed from the statue's eyes continually from August 14 - the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven.

The statue first appeared to weep on 19 March last year - the feast of St Joseph - and then over the four days of Easter. A Church-endorsed investigation into whether the statue was an act of God was concluded recently.

It is expected that Archbishop of Perth Barry Hickey will announce the results of the inquiry soon.

Archbishop Hickey announced in late November that a three-member team would spend a month investigating the statue.

University of WA scientist and non-Catholic Thelma Koppi, Father Kevin Long and Catholic surgeon Michael Shanahan started inquiries around Christmas.

West Australian

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28 Jan 2003