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Pope warns against 'inauthentic' families

Pope John Paul II warned against what he calls "inauthentic" versions of family, stressing that marriage between a man and woman is the only true basis for a family in God's eyes.

The Holy Father made the comments after the conclusion of the 4th World Meeting of Families in the Philippines, where bishops had preached against divorce, abortion and gay marriage.

The Pope, speaking to an audience in St. Peter's Square, said a family that isn't based on traditional marriage is an inauthentic "caricature" that cannot offer humanity life, hope or a future.

Meanwhile in a satellite message to the meeting earlier, he said Christian couples must remain faithful to their vocation "and, in our own special way, be a disciple of Jesus by also contributing to the spread of the Kingdom of God."

Citing the Second Vatican Council, the Pope said that Christian couples, in fulfilling their marital and family responsibilities, increasingly advance their own "perfection nd their mutual sanctification."

AP/Manila Bulletin

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28 Jan 2003