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Cardinal tells meeting that family unit remains 'good news'

Cardinal Jaime Sin of Manila has told the 4th World Meeting of Families in his city that the institution of the family is not outdated, but remains "good news" for the world.

"Is the family really good news when traditional values of fidelity and commitment are frowned upon as vestiges of an antiquated past?" he asked. "How can the family be good news when today's children cannot even be safe in their own homes?"

He was speaking at a mass for the opening of the meeting to 5000 participants representing 75 countries. Concelebrants included six cardinals, 190 archbishops and bishops, and 500 priests.

"I have prayed much for the success of this World Meeting," said Cardinal Jaime Sin. "We know that the Philippines is very close to the Pope's heart."

The Pope himself chose Manila as the venue for the World Meeting of Families because the Philippines, the only country of a Catholic majority in the continent, must bear the burden of Asia's evangelization, according to the president of the event's Central Committee, Auxiliary Bishop Socrates Villegas of Manila.

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24 Jan 2003