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New development in Just War teaching

Archbishop Renato Martino, the recently appointed president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, has advanced the view that Church teaching on the justice of warfare are evolving, much like the Church's stance on the death penalty.

Catholic World News reports that in an interview with the Roman news agency I Media, Archbishop Martino said that war may be justifiable "under extreme circumstances."

But he said that "modern society has enough means [of resolving conflicts] so that we need not have recourse to [war]."

Archbishop Martino, who came to his new position at the Vatican after years of representing the Holy See at the UN, said that the pursuit of world peace requires "a lot of work and a lot of courage," as well as constant prayer.

Addressing the crisis in Iraq specifically the archbishop said that he still does not believe that war is inevitable.

"I think, I pray a lot, and I hope that all the threats coming from both sides& will not lead to action," he said.

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23 Jan 2003