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Parish suggests alternatives to violent toys at Christmas

A church committee in Portland in the US has put forward a list of nonviolent toys, in the hope of changing young people's level of tolerance for violence.

Noting there is no easy solution to the complex issue of human violence, the Peace and Justice Committee of St. Clare Parish has distributed the list for the past 12 years.

"What a different and ugly world we live in where children are kidnapped and murdered, snipers are a fact, children are murderers and our country wants to go to war without provocation with a tiny country," said this year's committee statement accompanying the list.

The committee relies on the toy expertise of students and teachers at St. Clare School to update the list each year. They also seek advice from Portland-area toy stores that feature nonviolent toys.

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St Clare's Church, Portland | Non-violent Toy List (PDF)

16 Dec 2002