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Catholic lobbyists blame flawed law for absconding asylum seekers

Asylum seekers are absconding because of fundamental flaws in the Migration Act 1958, the national independent Catholic lobbyist, Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin), said at the weekend.

The PolMin statement was a response to reports of 14,000 asylum seekers being on the run in Australia after having their claims for asylum rejected.

"There are three fundamental flaws in Migration Act that are causing asylum seekers to flee into the community," said Coordinator James McGillicuddy. "These flaws arise from inappropriate policy development and can be readily addressed with simple amendments to the Act."

Mr McGillicuddy named as flaws the accreditation of unscrupulous Migration Agents, the existing detention regime, and the fact that there is no responsibility placed on the Australian community to stop absconding.

"The major problem with asylum seekers absconding in the community is that they are continually on the run, unable to legally work in Australia and access government services, unless they assume new identities and secure false papers," he said.

"Asylum seekers seeking new identities can be exposed to criminal groups who are able to provide false identities. This would mean the development of a new version of the evil of people smuggling within Australia, and this is morally unacceptable."


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16 Dec 2002