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Irish archbishop wins raffle, trip to Canary Islands

An Irish archbishop plans to enjoy some winter sun after winning first prize in a local sports club raffle.

Archbishop Dermot Clifford of Cashel won a holiday package to the Canary Islands in the Tipperary Gaelic Athletic Association's annual drawing.

Expressing delight at his unexpected good fortune, Archbishop Clifford said: "I was quite surprised when I found out. It will be nice to get a break during the winter."

This was the first major prize the archbishop won in a raffle, although he did receive a $A36 book token in a November raffle.

Archbishop Clifford said he is an enthusiastic supporter of Gaelic football and hurling, Ireland's two national sports. By virtue of his office as archbishop of Cashel, he is national patron of the Gaelic Athletic Association, which administers both sports.

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13 Dec 2002