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Pope attributes today's loneliness to our God-less lives

The loneliness, fear and unhappiness afflicting people can be traced ultimately to the abandonment of God, Pope John Paul II said.

Especially when facing the terrifying prospects like war and famine, believers should turn from sin and implore God to bring peace on earth, he said at Wednesday's weekly general audience.

Addressing about 6500 pilgrims in the Vatican's audience hall, the Holy Father continued a series of talks on the Liturgy of the Hours by illustrating his remarks with a canticle from the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah.

In one dramatic section of the text, the pope noted, Jeremiah describes fields strewn with people "slain by the sword" and cities filled with people "consumed by hunger."

The pope said, "The description is unfortunately tragically current in many regions of our planet."

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"Existential Loneliness" Is Symptom of Rejection of God, Says Pope (Zenit) | Papal Address on Canticle of Jeremiah 14:17-21

13 Dec 2002