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Catholic body welcomes welfare simplification

Catholic Welfare Australia has welcomed the Government's release of the welfare reform publication Building a Simpler System to Help Jobless Families and Individuals, which is aimed at demystifying the Government's complex social security payment system.

The paper was launched yesterday by the Minister for Family Services and Community Services, Senator Amanda Vanstone and the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Tony Abbott.

"We welcome the invitation from the Federal Government to participate in this consultation on possible reforms of the income support system for working-aged people," said Catholic Welfare Australia national director Toby O'Connor. "Catholic Welfare Australia looks forward to elaborating on our long-held belief that if welfare reform is to be effective then more resources need to be diverted to addressing the systemic cause of poverty and to job creation schemes."

But Mr O'Connor said that while the Government "appears genuinely interested in engaging in public debate with the community about the options for improving the current system", Catholic Welfare Australia remains concerned that the Government's efforts in welfare reform are "not used as an exercise in reducing payments to people receiving income support and penalising the most financially disadvantaged in our community."

Catholic Welfare Australia

Catholic Welfare Australia
Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services | Building a simpler system to help jobless families and individuals
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13 Dec 2002