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Retired Quebec bishop's desire to marry reopens celibacy debate

A retired bishop from the Canadian Province of Quebec has announced that he will ask the Vatican to dispense him from the priesthood so he can marry.

The request of retired Bishop Raymond Dumais, 52, has reopened a debate in Canada on celibacy for priests.

Bishop Dumais, who resigned as bishop of Gaspe in July last year, announced during a radio interview with the Radio Canada station in Rimouski that he is living with a woman.

In an interview with a Quebec newspaper, the bishop also said that during his 25 years as a priest he had had difficulty with the vow of celibacy.

"It's time that we woke up to a new culture within the church," Fr Guy Lagace, president of the archdiocesan forum of the Archdiocese of Rimouski, told the Quebec newspaper Le Soleil.

"Celibacy should not become a barrier to men interested in becoming priests. Raymond Dumais is not the only person to be living this situation."

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Bishop Raymond Dumais (
Le cas Dumais pourrait faire avancer la cause (Radio Canada)
Archdiocese of Rimouski

12 Dec 2002