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More women turn to Vinnies for help

The gap between women and men caught in the cycle of poverty continues to widen, bringing extra problems for the support services of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

The Catholic Weekly reports that many of the factors that bring people into contact with the Society's services are amplified in the case of women. It says more and more women in dire need of assistance, some with dependent children, are turning to those services.

Social trends since the 1960s may have led to women becoming equal to men in many of the roles they play in the workforce and public life, but the number of women in poverty is increasing.

When family break-up occurs, women are often left with children to support. Many are unable to work because of dependent children and no childcare back-up, or they have been out of the workforce and employment possibilities are limited.

Vinnies, which helps everyone it can, is also seeing an increase in demand on its services for new groups of homeless women: asylum seekers, refugees on temporary protection visas, single women, and drug and alcohol affected women for whom there are simply no services available.

Catholic Weekly

St Vincent de Paul Society

11 Dec 2002