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Pope urges journalists to avoid political correctness

The Pope addressed 80 members of the International Catholic Union of the Press on Friday, encouraging them to seek and report the truth, even when the truth is inconvenient or is not considered "politically correct".

The journalists were meeting in Rome to celebrate the organisation's 75th anniversary.

"Quite simply," he told them in English, being a journalist "means being a person of integrity, an individual whose personal and professional life reflects the teachings of Jesus and the Gospel."

"It means," John Paul II continued, "being sensitive to the moral, religious and spiritual aspects of human life, aspects which are often misunderstood or deliberately ignored."

The Pope also stressed that journalists have a duty to report "good news" - "Not only the misdeeds and tragedies that take place, but also the positive and uplifting actions performed on behalf of those in need."

Independent Catholic News

International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP)

10 Dec 2002