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Nuncio tells bishops not to lose heart

Don't lose heart, even when you're faced with undeniable and serious difficulties such as sexual abuse, the Vatican's official representative in Australia, Archbishop Francesco Canalini, has told Australia's bishops.

In an address to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference meeting in Sydney, Archbishop Canalini, the Apostolic Nuncio, echoed the words of Pope John Paul II in which he urged bishops to "persevere with great charity and serene firmness in exercising your pastoral responsibilities".

The nuncio said the encouragement not to lose heart was timely for Australia's bishops.

"Reviewing the year 2002, we have to acknowledge that we have been confronted with a sad reality which has surfaced and been given much emphasis by the mass media," he said.

"On our part, we recognise the urgent need to redress the harmful situation of abuse, which has been clearly condemned by bishops and the Holy Father.

"Having affirmed this, it is also fair to put things into perspective, and to deepen our understanding of the life of the Church, whose ministers carry out a mission rather than practise a profession and are always called to conversion and purification."

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5 Dec 2002