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Indonesian Govt and Church on alert after Flores seminary bomb threats

Church and government officials have been on guard on the predominantly Catholic region of Flores in eastern Indonesia following bomb threats on two seminaries there.

Paulus Moa, head of Sikka district in central Flores Island, told UCA News late last month that callers to the seminaries on said bombs had been placed in them.

The official said police searched but found no bombs at either St. Peter Major Seminary in Ritapiret or Divine Word-run St. Paul Major Seminary in Ledalero. Both are south of Maumere, 1690 kilometers east of Jakarta.

Since then, he added, seminarians have been guarding the schools every night, a move that was confirmed by seminarian Gery Gobang.

"Every night now we must take turns to stay awake," Gobang told UCA News.

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5 Dec 2002