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Vatican official criticises Bush skepticism over weapons inspections

A week into new UN weapons inspections in Iraq, a Vatican official has criticised the US government's skepticism over their success and said it appeared Washington was determined to make war regardless of the inspections' outcome.

The United States holds a "preconceived attitude that disqualifies the inspection campaign as useless and reduces it to a sort of farce," said Fr Pasquale Borgomeo, director-general of Vatican Radio, in a radio commentary on Monday.

"In reality, the desire to use force appears increasingly evident: to rely on military megapower to fill the holes and failures of politics," he said.

He said US allies are "more justified than ever" in having reservations about being asked by America to participate "in the fight against terrorism while precipitating unilaterally toward military adventures with unforeseeable consequences."

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Vatican Radio
US urges 'aggressive' Iraq inspections (BBC)

5 Dec 2002