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Writer calls on Zimbabwe Bishops to "unite against evil"

In a hard hitting column in the Zimbabwe Independent, freelance writer religious affairs writer, Paul Jones, has called on the country's Bishops to speak out about what is going on in Zimbabwe. "To our other bishops we must say: 'Lay people are angry and embarrassed by your silence. The quieter you are, the louder we will become. The very rocks and stones now cry out for justice and peace. How many people must die before, like Pius, you too summon the courage to confront Mugabe, his manipulation of Christianity and vadzimu/amadlozi, his hatred and violence, his racism and tribalism, his goblins and spirits, his Blair toilets and gay gangsters, his war vets and Green Bombers, his well-dressed secret policemen wearing magogorosi and well-fed Women's League ladies wearing his face on their bums, and tell them, one and all, jointly and severally, to take a running jump into the Zambezi -- and stay there!'

For all its faults and failings, its defects and scandals, the Catholic Church outlasts tyrants. This is the church's special power. Evil men may be prepared to kill for evil purposes - but even in this day and age good men are prepared to die for the Catholic Church.

Zimbabwean Catholics know this very well. The first priest to enter Zimbabwe died a martyr. Our faith is refreshed by blood. For this blood, the church has never asked for blood in return. It forgives. Even the worst of Catholics - like me - cling to the church because we remember the goodness of our clergy. The bishop who gave me my first Holy Communion died violently. The priest who heard my first confession died violently. The priest who prepared me for confirmation was arrested under unjust laws. These are just a few. There were many others.

Zimbabwe Ind/

27 Dec 2002