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Having to have a ticket to attend Christmas Mass in carries a story today that
churches within the Rochester Roman
Catholic diocese have had to introduce a
ticketing system to handle the crowds of
people wanting to attend the Christmas

People who show up at St Patrick's Church
at Victor, N.Y. without passes will be turned
away. The many parishioners who did not
get tickets are already voicing

Andrea DiCarlo and her husband had
wanted to take their infant daughter to one of
the early Christmas Eve masses at St.

"It's kind of annoying; it's something else to
think about during the Christmas season,"
Andrea said.

For parking and overcrowding
reasons--many applaud the ticket system,
but others say it's bothersome that those
who only show up for church on the holidays
can have tickets for an early mass.

St. Patrick's parishioner Kevin Diehl said, "It
would be nice if they could do it in a fashion
were they handed them out in church. It
would be a better system, so those who are
here every week could've gotten them"

Andrea said she'll attend a later mass --
when tickets aren't needed.


24 Dec 2002