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Ballarat students' year as a house mother at Wandalgu

Erin Gordon is a 19-year-old former Loreto
College student in Ballarat who has just
returned from an insightful year as a house
mother at a remote Catholic-run Aboriginal
boarding house in Western Australia. The
Ballarat Courier reports on her experience
and changed outlook on life.

The bubbly teen volunteered for the position
at Wandalgu Hostel after finishing year 12
and looking for a "break" before university.

In her position, Ms Gordon cared for eight six
to eight-year-old girls - washing, cleaning
and doing all the tasks that come with being
a mother.

Eighty students lived at the hostel, with the
younger children attending school on site
and the older children travelling to a high
school an hour away.

Ms Gordon said going from a "kid to a mum"
overnight was a huge responsibility, but one
she relished in.

The Courier

24 Dec 2002