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Pope on authentic Christmas message: "accept the will of God, regardless of how it is manifested"

Pope John Paul's devoted his Angelas
address on Sunday to urging Christians to
find the authentic meaning of Christmas. He
urged, "first of all, [spend time in] inner
silence and prayer, which allow one to
contemplate the mystery that is
commemorated. In the second place, [find]
the willingness to accept the will of God,
regardless of how it is manifested."

His Holiness said: "As we look at the Crib,
our gaze turns especially to the Virgin and
Joseph, who await the birth of Jesus. The
Gospel of this Fourth Sunday of Advent, with
its account of the annunciation, shows us
Mary listening to the Word of God and ready
to fulfill it faithfully. Mary's and Joseph's 'yes'
is full and involves their whole persons:
spirit, soul and body."


24 Dec 2002