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New York fire chaplain's ferry lives up to its name

An East River commuter ferry named after the Fr Mychal Judge, the beloved chaplain who died in the World Trade Centre attacks, helped put out a car fire on Thursday.

Mike Pasalau, captain of the New York Waterways ferry, quickly changed course when he spotted a fire engine stuck in traffic far from the blazing car near 34th St.

"I think Fr Mike would have been proud," Pasalau said.

Pasalau radioed another NY Waterway ferry, The Enduring Freedom, to meet him at the seawall next to the burning car.

Capt. Francisco Esperon of The Enduring Freedom and Pasalau coupled two fire hoses together and passed the nozzle to firefighters, who had left their truck in the traffic and ran to the blaze.

"Then we pumped water for the hoses," Pasalau said.

Fire Department officials said no one was injured in the 1:40 p.m. fire in the northbound lanes of the FDR Drive. The blaze was out by 2:30 p.m.

New York Daily News

Saint Mychal
NY Waterway

23 Dec 2002