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Pope to move Mother Teresa closer to sainthood

Today Pope John Paul is set to approve a miracle attributed to Mother Teresa, bringing the nun who spent her life helping the poorest of the poor a step closer to sainthood.

The official acceptance of the miracle of a woman's cancer being cured after she prayed to Mother Teresa means the nun, will likely be beatified next year.

Vatican sources said the beatification is most likely to take place in Rome next autumn. There had been talk that the Pope might go to India for the beatification ceremony, but it does not appear likely because of his fragile health.

The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said leaders of the orders of priests and nuns founded by Mother Teresa had been called to the Vatican's apostolic palace for an official ceremony this morning.

Those expected to attend include Sister Nirmala, head of the Calcutta-based Missionaries of Charities which Mother Teresa founded in 1950.


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20 Dec 2002